Opening Speech by Keith Tan, Chief Executive, STB
Opening Speech by Steven Ler, President, NATAS
Through the Looking Glass: Tourism in a Post-Pandemic World

Tourism has been one of the most affected sectors during Covid-19 and recovery is expected to take some time. But the adversity has inspired the sector to rethink its offerings – for example, shifts to domestic tourism and non-air travel have picked up some of the slack from limited air travel. As vaccines are distributed globally, will these shifts persist or be scaled back? How have travellers’ expectations changed? And how should the sector think about the travel experience and becoming more resilient?

- Cheryl Lim, Partner, McKinsey & Company
STB Industry Sharing

STB will be sharing on various industry insights gathered from an analysis of travel agent data, including financials, business profile returns and industry trends, as well as upcoming programmes and initiatives to support the TA industry.

Breakout Sessions
Track 1
Media Effectiveness and Efficiency: Adopt An Audience-First Mindset

COVID-19 has impacted the tourism industry on multiple levels and with international travel not expected to fully recover in the near term, the ability for travel agents to engage customers may be limited. In this session, we will demonstrate how media strategy can be pivoted to support tourism business during times of change and uncertainty, acknowledging that audiences are less spontaneous and more cautious. We will also share how businesses can drive demand and recovery by focusing on audience targeting during the media planning process. The session will then conclude with insights on the shifts in audience media behaviours, the role of partnerships as well as best practices when running your own campaign.​

- Oliver Spalding, Chief Strategy Officer, Media & Digital (Singapore), Publicis Groupe
Track 2
Travel Redesigned: Driving Transformation Through Upskilling and Reskilling

With the ever-evolving situation surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, continued shifts are impacting the way we live and work. With this in mind, business leaders may be wondering how best to prepare your staff for the “new normal” and to support your business needs through effective manpower practices.
Join us in this session to find out how job redesign can help drive higher levels of productivity, as well as accelerate and sustain your digital transformation efforts. This session includes practical steps on conducting job redesign within your organisation, and tips to manage conversations with your staff pertaining to changes within the company.

- Jia Yong Goh, Partner, People Advisory Services, Ernst & Young
Panel Discussion
Technology and Innovation for Recovery

This panel will bring together different perspectives on technology trends that have emerged from COVID-19, and the importance of technology and innovation to drive travel recovery. The panel will also discuss opportunities in the tourism sector despite existing challenges.

Jia Yong Goh
, Partner, People Advisory Services, Ernst & Young

Grace Sai,
Founder and CEO, Ravel Innovation
Ang Eu Khoon, Managing Director, City Tours
Santhosh Kalangi, Co-Founder, TravStack
12:30pm onwards
Virtual Tours (Optional, limited sign ups)

The Explore Crazy and Rich Singapore Virtual Tour (12:30pm – 1:30pm)

In this online interactive adventure, we will go on the footsteps of the Crazy Rich Asians movie. We will visit some of the film locations using maps and professionally shot photos and videos. This is where we will rediscover both famous places of interests and some off the beaten neighbourhoods of Singapore. We will untangle real life vs reel life to learn some secrets of the film and Singapore. 

Even if you have not watched the movie, you will be sure to walk away with some new facts and trivia about the city. Interact with the guide and get all your burning questions sorted during the experience.

Virtual Bingo Tour @ Fort Canning (12:30pm – 2:00pm)

Did you know that Singapore was not a sleepy fishing village before the British arrived? In fact, we had a bustling economic landscape since the 14th Century! As we continue to expand our trade connections and relations out of Singapore it is important that we remember how we began, and the efforts that we have put in to build our nation today.  

Virtual Bingo Tour @ one-north (12:30pm – 2:00pm)

From a backwater in the past, to a bustling metropolis today, Singapore has indeed transformed. Despite the success we enjoy now, we continue to strive for the next bound of what is to come, and becoming a SMART Nation is the next phase of transformation for Singapore. One-North was designed with this in mind. Having a precinct that is dedicated to innovation is important for local start-ups to experiment, research and grow. 

Peranakan Culture Virtual Tour (1:00pm – 2:00pm)

How much do you know about Rempah Udang, a traditional Peranakan dessert made of glutinous rice with shrimps filling wrapped in banana leaves? What are the ingredients that goes into this delicious snack? Where did the beautiful blue tinge in the rice comes from?

Who are the Peranakans? Do you know that Laksa (spicy coconut broth with noodles), Ayam buah keluak(black candlenut with chicken) and Kueh Salat are all classic Peranakan dishes?

We will bring you to visit Kim Choo Kueh Chang, a beloved old-world establishment that specialises in delicious nonya rice dumplings. Through this tour around the heritage shophouse, you will gain a glimpse into understanding the food & material culture of the Peranakans, satisfy your curiosity and learn all that you need to know about this delicious snack.

Street of Harmony @ Waterloo Virtual Tour (2:15pm – 3:00pm)

Waterloo Street is a microcosm of Singapore’s social fabric – where often, the residents of Singapore take for granted. How did different religious temples and churches come to be? What were the ‘ingredients’ that contributed to such harmony? Why is there a joss stick urn in front of a Hindu temple? How much do you know about each of our religions? Through this learning journey, our guides will share these uniquely Singaporeans customs, culture and norms that build our street of harmony.