As the world reopens after the pandemic, communities are reconnecting and expanding their network beyond borders. This transition has brought out many innovative success stories – reigniting the human-ness in our interactions and redefining the value that enterprises can bring to their users.

Navigating New Frontiers – Helming the Waves of Disruption is the theme of this year’s DT|UX Summit @ Singapore Polytechnic. Introducing thought leaders and industry champions who have leveraged innovative solutions to redesign meaningful experiences to improve the way that we live our lives, expand our businesses and digitalize the way we work.

Join our panel of speakers who are excited to share their views on synergizing the core essence of human experiences as we embark on the future of work and business.


Dawn Lim is the Executive Director for DesignSingapore Council. An experienced leader in business development and strategy, Dawn leads the national agency for design, DesignSingapore Council (Dsg), as its Executive Director. She firmly believes that design can make the world a better place, and intends for Dsg to play a critical role in infusing design into every aspect of our society and economy, and position Singapore as a global design hub.  

Dawn’s topic is “Enabling and Driving Design for Businesses.” Now more than ever, businesses need to rethink the way they operate amidst a more challenging economic climate and in light of emerging trends like sustainability and digital technologies. Dawn will share why and how design is more than just aesthetics; design is a critical and powerful lever to drive new business growth, products and services, while riding on the strong design, manufacturing and R&D ecosystem in Singapore. She will also share how the DesignSingapore Council creates avenues and platforms for our local businesses to better appreciate the value of design and adopt design for positive impact.

Sng Hock Lin is the Chief of ActiveSG Sports Singapore. He leads the transformation of ActiveSG to support the organization’s Vision 2030 – to inspire the Singapore Spirit and serve the community through sport. He was a senior army officer who participated in large-scale operations with multilevel stakeholders and often in complex and dynamic environments. He was also involved in organizational change management. A firm believer in creating value at work, Hock Lin excels in bringing out the best in people through engagement and development.

Currently, he is a PhD candidate in Gerontology, and his research interests lie in active ageing, exercise adherence and caregiving. As an Associate Faculty with SUSS, he facilitates modules on leadership and organizational transformation of non-profit organizations. Recently, he co-authored a book titled “Management and Leadership of Non-Profit Organizations in Singapore” to illuminate aspects of management challenges faced by non-profit organizations in Singapore.

Hock Lin’s topic is “ActiveSG Transformation Journey amidst Covid-19.” Hock Lin took on the role of Chief of ActiveSG in February 2020 – the same time Covid-19 arrived on our shores. He will share a few initiatives that ActiveSG took to turn the crisis into opportunities to transform the organisation and serve people from all walks of life. These include ActiveSG’s innovation and digitalisation effort to engage internal and external stakeholders to build a “Fun, Meaningful, 1 Family, 1 Team and 1 ActiveSG” (FM111) culture. 

Hock Lin will also divulge some interesting nuggets on how ActiveSG converted its sports centres to take care of our migrant workers during the Circuit Breaker. The mission was aptly codenamed Ops Sayang (care in Malay). And by quickly pivoting their events into hybrid mode, ActiveSG launched the inaugural Senior’s Sports Day in 2021, attracting the participation of about 20,000 older adults for various activities as they cope with the uncertainty of the pandemic. He will also touch on other projects including partnering with Singapore Polytechnic students to create games for seniors and applying design thinking concepts to prototype the first-ever lifeguard platform with fans powered by solar panels.

Irvin Hasaka Yuga Gunawan is the founder, CEO of Cocoba Pte Ltd (Irvins Salted Egg). Founded in 2007, Cocoba Pte Ltd started off as a seafood restaurant business before evolving into manufacturing and retail of salted egg snacks under the brand name of Irvins Salted Egg. It opened its first pop up store in Singapore in 2015 and now has presence in over 12 countries globally including USA, UK and Australia. It is managed by three brothers Ivan, Irvin and Ircahn Hasaka Yuga Gunawan.

Irvin Gunawan’s topic is “Designing Commercial Success – The role of design and other secrets behind a uniquely Singapore commercial success story” Irvins seemingly came out of nowhere to become the talk of the town in the period 2016-2018 thru its quirky branding and “dangerously addictive” tagline. But how did that happen? I will walk you through the events and decisions that led to the boom. I will also share how we identified and exploited the momentum waves, and importantly, how you can structure and design your organization to scale up.

Marcus Neo is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Omni-Plus System (OPS). With vast experiences in the plastics industry, Marcus founded and grew the first Singapore company to list in Tokyo. OPS is a materials engineering company with presence across 9 nations. Through collaboration with  upstream suppliers, partners, and customers, OPS provides end-to-end solutions for Engineering Plastics, Technical Consultancy, Product Development and Specifications. OPS has been identified by Enterprise Singapore’s Scale Up Programme as a high-growth company, and that is due to Marcus’ consistent investment in digital infrastructure and Human Capital. 

Marcus’ topic is “Designing Enterprise Transformations: How OPS energized their enterprise transformation by leveraging on developing human capital and external collaborations.” Hear how Marcus helped OPS overcome the inertia of transforming its 20-year-old processes, as well as how he seized the opportunity during the pandemic downtime to build upon OPS’ human capital. His focus on the human-centric aspect even in the manufacturing space has allowed him to power transformation and help OPS stay both agile and relevant. Marcus would also share how OPS collaborated with Institutes of Higher Learning, Government Agencies and business partners to match employees’ skill gaps.

Roy Tan is the general manager of Aik Moh Paints & Chemicals Pte Ltd . Roy joined his family business in 2004 and as part of the succession planning, he has been groomed and placed in different management of key departments of the company. Currently, he manages all operations and business groups within Aik Moh. Roy also acts as the key liaison with some key suppliers and customers. On top of this, Roy is also in charge of the overseas offices for Aik Moh. He leads and manages 7 offices across different SEA countries outside of Singapore. Roy also takes part in the strategic planning of the company and works on new business developments to further grow the company. Under his guidance, Aik Moh has grown to a S$100m company and has won several awards which includes Enterprise 50 award for 6 years since 2008, SME 1000 Award for 5 years, UOB Digital Leap Awards in 2019. 

Roy’s topic is “Re-designing work processes through Digital Transformation​” Roy will be sharing how Aik Moh transformed from a small paint shop to a regional chemical distributor and service provider. In the last 10 years, digitalisation has played a key role in helping the company propel into greater heights. Aik Moh designed their software to better enhance their competitive advantages, simplify the processes and reduce mistakes. They have successfully grown from owning one factory in Singapore to 5 factories (3 in Singapore and 2 overseas).

Albert Tioe is a Principal Solution Architect with Ericsson in the Market Area South East Asia, Oceania and India (MOAI).  His main focus is on Network Solutions and the evolution path towards 5G and IoT.  He has been with Ericsson over the last 13 years under a range of global roles in 3G/4G and 5G planning, design, consulting and deployment, now based out of Singapore. 

Albert’s topic is “Adopting 5G and Digital Technology towards Industry 4.0​.​” 5G provides the network capabilities that are essential for industries undergoing digital transformation. Advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, advanced automation and augmented/virtual reality – which are all powered by 5G connectivity – will provide greater flexibility for Industry 4.0 operations. At Ericsson, we are at the forefront of 5G today, with game-changing innovations that will enable seamless transformation and pave the path towards a fully connected world.  Join Albert as he shares global and regional insights into how Ericsson has enabled enterprises to embark on their 5G journey towards Industry 4.0.


Dr. Antika Sawadsri. Dean, Architecture, Art and Design, King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang.

Dr Antika was a plenary speaker at DT|UX’20 is returning as a guest panelist to provide a regional reflection on how this year’s topics bear relevance not only to IHLs supporting business innovation education but to also share her unique perspective on what regional business can do more to grow. Dr Antika has developed a new international program called Architectural Intelligence and Design Thinking (AIDT) which offers both professional Architectural skills and 21st century competency for human-centric innovation. 


Join subject matter experts in any one of the following workshops as they dive deeper into some of the key topics that were touched on by our plenary speakers in the morning.

The following workshops will be held physically in Singapore Polytechnic, there will be no streaming of the workshop sessions.

Workshop 1

Designing Environmental Sustainability for Business Success

How can we help organisations to meet the demands of environmentalism from consumers and regulators by assessing the environmental social governance risks and opportunities to implement sustainable solutions?​

Paia is a dedicated sustainability specialist and the leading consultancy in Singapore committed to working alongside companies to navigate the business risks and opportunities that sustainability issues pose. Paia will help clients assess how best to apply sustainability within existing company structures. Corrado has led programs, from sustainable finance, sustainability reporting, to carbon management and is the Chair of the Sustainability Committee at EuroCham Singapore. This workshop will be hosted by the Centre For Environmental Sustainability And Energy Efficiency and will take place in person at SP.

*This workshop will require a minimum of 30 registrants to commence.

Workshop 2

Leveraging on Persona–driven Innovation for Market Expansion

Understanding healthcare realities in Thailand, Indonesia and Philippines

This year marks the launch of the DTUX Regional Centre. This consortium is set up with Singapore Polytechnic’s long-term regional partners namely Bina Nusantara University in Indonesia, Ateneo de Manila University in Philippines and King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang in Thailand. This workshop will expose the partner universities to the knowledge and skills of championing human-centered innovation, focusing on transformation of healthcare services. This event will be part of the 3-day program with Temasek Foundation and will be hosted at SP.

Workshop 3

Redesigning the Future of Remote Work

How can the power of digitalization redesign and create intuitive experiences in the built environment industry?​

TwinLogic is a Singapore-based digital twin startup that creates virtual copies of buildings with data points. Founders Justin and Richard will share their experience working with national agencies. They will be introducing and demonstrating how digital twin technology  works and showcasing some case studies that have successfully helped organisations streamline their building management process in a digital environment. This workshop will be hosted by Mr. Edmund Lim from ABE.

Workshop 4

Expanding Market Reach by Designing with Users in Mind

Identifying opportunities based on users’ needs in product development in consumer cosmetics.​

Singapore Polytechnic (SP) is the only institute of higher learning that drives both training and innovation, through product development and testing services, to companies in the Beauty and Personal Care (BPC) sector in Singapore. SP launched the first-of-its-kind Perfumery and Cosmetic Science Centre (PCSC) in January 2014 to support and encourage life-long learning and training for the BPC sector. The suite of training programmes is comprehensive, covering both pre-employment training (PET) and continuous education training (CET) for adult learners. 

To further augment SP’s capacity to fulfil its industrial mandate of supporting the BPC sector, the Consumer Chemicals and Technology Centre (CCTC) was set up in 2019 to meet the needs of companies of various scale, ranging from MNCs to SMEs and start-ups. In addition, SP, through CCTC, formed one of the core agencies behind the BPC Joint Project Office (JPO), which is helmed by Enterprise Singapore (ESG). Other agencies that comprise the JPO are the Economic Development Board (EDB) and A*STAR. The purpose of the BPC JPO is to serve as an integrated multi-agency platform that drives innovation in the BPC sector to launch ‘Made in Singapore’ cosmetics and personal care products. 

For the learning journey at DTUX:

  • Experience the Perfumery and Cosmetic Science Centre (PCSC); a state-of-the-art facility that boasts visitors from Korea, England, Thailand and Japan. Conceptualisation, Crystallisation and Communication are the 3’C’s that frame the design of the facility to support learning for the students. 
  • Be captivated by the accomplishments of the Consumer Chemicals Technology Centre (CCTC) and learn how the centre creates products that are clean and sustainable for industry. Experience our products to have a ‘feel’ of how the centre has directly translated innovative ideas into tangible products. In addition, the co-location of companies on campus gives rise to an end-to-end Consumer Business Ecosystem. This nexus of collaboration brings diverse capabilities and services to bear, accelerating product development and shortening market-to-entry time.

Workshop 5

Developing 5G Readiness as a Key Enabler for Business Growth

Leveraging on 5G technologies to redesign business expansions.​

The 5G & AIoT (Artificial Intelligence of Things) Centre is set up by Singapore Polytechnic (SP) to assist and enable enterprises to prototype and adopt 5G & AIoT innovation solutions. As part of SP’s 5G innovation ecosystem, EEE will be sharing how the Design Thinking framework can help enterprises develop a 5G Readiness Assessment to gauge their state of mindset and technology readiness for adopting 5G technology to bring about their business growth. This workshop will be hosted by 5G AIoT centre and will take place in person at SP.

Workshop 6

Job Development for SME Transformation

Achieving sustainability in the disruptive business environment

Singapore Business Federation is the apex business chamber championing the interests of the Singapore business community in the areas of trade, investment and industrial relations. In this insightful workshop, learn about how SMEs can achieve sustainability in a disruptive business environment through SBF’s Jobs Development Partner Programme and hear from SMEs on the programme as they share their journey in embarking transformation. This session is facilitated by Mr. Justin Ma, Senior Industry Transformation Advisor, who specialises in innovation and entrepreneurship and has over 20 years of experience assisting SMEs in leveraging on integrated innovation with Singapore’s strategic advantage and government assistance for sustainability.


In lieu of charging admission fees, we are inviting you to donate to SP Needy Fund. With this donation, we will be able to help existing students who are in need of financial support to pursue an education with us.


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